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  • Hand Woven & Embroidered Alpaca Throw Size Blanket

    Introducing the best invention since the wheel - it's the Woven Alpaca Throw Size Embroidered Blanket!

    This incredibly cozy and chic blanket is perfect for snuggling up on a chilly day or adding a layer of warmth to your bedding.

    Its ultra-soft alpaca fabric will keep you snug as a bug, while its elegant embroidery adds extra sophistication.

    Whether curling up with a good book or napping, the alpaca wool blankets will become your go-to for coziness and comfort!

    Get your hands on this luxurious alpaca throw blanket today and experience the luxurious comfort of alpaca! 


    • Ultra-soft 100% alpaca fabric for maximum coziness
    • Embroidery detail along the edges adds a touch of elegance to this wrap blanket.
    • Perfect woven throws blanket for snuggling up or adding warmth to your bedding.
    • It makes a great gift idea!
    • Offering beautiful several colors such as Vermont sunset, Lavender, and Jamaica
    • Machine washable for easy care and maintenance 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Margaret F.
    Unbelievably light and breathable warmth!

    I love these beautiful blankets They are SO soft and light that the warmth they provide is surprising! The colors are lovely as well. I already own several, and this Christmas I came back to buy another for a present.

    Linda H.

    I bought 3 of these alpaca throws as gifts and when each one was opened it brought the biggest smiles on everyone's faces. When they felt how soft they were they could not stop touching them. They really were the perfect gift!