Knee-Length Skirt, 1/2 Tie-Dye


1 Size Fits Most.
Generally sizes 2 - 12.

Our Tie Dye pieces are all one of a kind works of art, done by skilled hands. 
Please note these images are close representations of what you will receive. You can expect the same colors in a similar pattern.

Care instructions: Cold wash, Gentle Cycle, Hang to Dry in the Shade.
If you can't live without your dryer, it's ok you can use it on the lowest setting. Just know it might not last as long, but don't despair you can always get a new one! If you really want it to last as long as possible, hand wash, use Woolite and hang to dry in the shade. Our Tie Dye is pre-washed. However, we recommend you wash separately the first time or two before wearing.

All of our clothes are individually inspected and steamed without chemicals (as in, just boiling water) before they get packed and sent to you!

We guarantee the quality of our clothing 100%
If there is anything wrong with your garment due to manufacturing, send it back with our easy return label and we'll refund or replace it. We pay all shipping.

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