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5" Deep Singing Bowl

Tibetan 5" singing bowl set with silk cushion, wooden striker
our most famous singing bowl

5" bowl is carved with Om Mane Pad Me Hum in Tibetan (Great Mantra of compassion)

Easy to play with nice deep tone
Tibetan Singing is created from Tibet and all bowls are made out of allow of seven different metals, which represents the universe.

1) Gold
2) Silver
3) Copper
4) Zinc
5) Tin
6) Iron
7) Brass

To Play Singing Bowl-place the singing bowl on you palm, let the bowl sits freely(that is do not grab the bowl with you finger). When you place the bowl on you palm, gently hit the rim of singing bowl and gently go around outside the singing bowl around the edge, keep little pressure on stick (that is push towards the bowl little more than just touching) while going around the bowl.