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7.5" Textured 7-Metal Tibetan Singing Bowl

This 7.5" Tibetan Singing Bowl is hand-hammered to give it a beautiful textured look & feel. The bowl comes with a large 7" suede-covered mallet that gives a beautiful, smooth tone when played.

These bowls are handmade with seven different fused metals, which represent the universe.

To Play the Singing Bowl; place the singing bowl on your palm and let the bowl sit freely(do not grab the bowl with you fingers). After placing the bowl on your palm, gently hit the rim of the bowl, and then delicately swirl around outside of bowls edge, keep a little pressure on the mallet (pushing into the bowl slightly ) while going around.

Each bowl is individually crafted by a master artisan in Nepal using a 1000 year old technique of sand casting and hand-carving.

Measures approx. 7.5" diameter, 6.5" deep.

*Please Note, due to the fact these bowls are handmade, size and color may vary.