Adjustable Mask Lanyard

Never lose or forget your mask again!
All in one: light weight, soft, and comfortable.

🔹 Adjustable, one size fits all
🔹 Keeps your mask securely with you
🔹 Never forget your mask again. When not need it, let it hang from your neck
🔹 Prevent you from loosing your mask 
🔹 Great for traveling or hopping from one place to another 
🔹 You don't have to leave the mask on the table while you are eating
🔹 Avoid swapping your masks with others! hang it on your neck
🔹 Practical, convenient, and easy to use
🔹 Perfect when running errands, outside eating, when on the phone
🔹 Total length: 26 inches 

It snaps on to your mask elastic and easily tightens with the adjustable stopper to fit your head. You will not loose your mask or have to worry about misplacing your mask. It stays connected to your neck. 

Sky Blue
Olive Green
Cobalt Blue
Dark Grey

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