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  • Lovely Leaf Print Lightweight Viscose Scarves

    Introducing the Lovely Leaves Print Scarf, a lightweight accessory that’s perfect for livening up any outfit! 

    The vibrant print of lush leaves will add color and style. This beautiful shawl is made from 100% polyester, so it’s ultra-soft and comfortable too. 

    Whether you wrap it around your neck or drape it over your shoulders, this lovely print scarf will make you look and feel fantastic. 

    Don’t let the gorgeous leaves pattern fool you, though – this shawl is durable enough for everyday wear. So why wait? 

    Get your hands on a Lovely Leaves Print Scarf today! It’s perfect for adding that extra touch of style to your wardrobe. 

    Get ready to make a statement with this unique print scarf and leaves shawl!


    • Made from 100% viscose for a soft and lightweight feel
    • Bold leaves pattern for an eye-catching look
    • Measures size 33.5" x 71"
    • Available in various colors - Perfect for adding color and style to any outfit!
    • Durable enough for everyday wear
    • Machine washable in cold water for easy care

    Polyester vs Viscose: Which is the right one for you?

    Regarding fabrics, there are two main types: polyester and viscose. Polyester is known for its durability and wrinkle resistance, while viscose is softer and more lightweight. 

    The Lovely Leaves Print Scarf is made from 100% viscose, making it super soft and comfortable. 

    It’s perfect for keeping you warm on a breezy day and making a fashion statement with its stylish leaves pattern.

    Washing viscose

    To keep your Lovely Leaves Print Scarf looking its best, it’s always a good idea to wash it occasionally. 

    The scarf is made from 100% viscose, which means that it can be washed in cold water.

    As with all delicate items, we recommend using a gentle detergent and avoiding excessive agitating or scrubbing. 

    After washing, dry the scarf on a flat surface rather than hanging it with its vibrant colors and lush leaves pattern.

    Your Lovely Leaves Print Scarf will last for years when given proper care.

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