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Solid Color Mask

Sometimes basic is best.  When you have to/want to keep it simple, this mask is for you!  Also, a great gift for those whose taste eludes you.

🌀 3 Layers of 100% cotton 

🌀 Adjustable ear straps

🌀 Removable nose wire (2 nose wires Included)

🌀 Pocket for PM 2.5 filter (1 filter included)

How to use:

🔺 To adjust the mask: slide the silicone stopper toward the mask to tighten or away to loosen.

🔺 PM 2.5 filter slides easily into interior pouch.

🔺 Nose-wire is removable for easy washing-just make sure to get it in the little channel pocket inside the mask.

Care instructions: 

Remove nose-wire, machine wash warm, regular cycle, toss in dryer normal heat, done 

This mask was made by Yui. 
Find out more:

Please wash before use
Not intended for children
Packaging and small pieces may be a chocking hazard. Use caution, please.
Made in Thailand